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Pushing Back Against the Darkness

For the month of January 2020 I will show new work at the Claremont Heritage exhibition space in Claremont's beautiful Memorial Park at 840 Indian Hill Blvd. Opening Night will be Saturday evening January 4, 2020, the evening of the monthly Art Walk in Claremont.

It's been a while since my last solo show and I've been working on developing my use of color, composition and surface textures. I'm eager to show what I've been up to.

I hope you will be able to join us. I will be doing some workshops during the month.

A word about this venue. From my experience it is the best room I have used for showing off the art. It is brightly lighted in the day time with natural light from the many north facing windows. And it is well lit in the evening with great all spectrum lights. There is space to walk around and soak up the art experience and for a spread of refreshments at the opening. And parking is available.

The draw backs are that it is not walkable from the village for most people. You are unlikely to just happen by. The Ginger Eliot Exhibit space is attached to the magnificent Garner House headquarters of Claremont Heritage. To visit during business hours you must first stop at the entry of Garner House to have staff open up the gallery. In the evening and on week ends I will have to provide the key for your visit so we will need to make an arrangement. Call me...909-437-2910. I live several blocks away.