Does discarding a book dishonor your teacher who wrote it?

Once again I face the task of library downsizing. This is the fourth time. I'm down to books that have an emotional connection. I've already discarded the books I once thought I'd need around close at hand incase I had an idea. They're gone.

Now I pick up each book and it recalls a time and place and a person, important turning points and challenges, and kindnesses and personal and vocational nudging and affirmation. They evoke shards of memory that nothing else does. How can I let it go? And this next book in my hands reminds me of an excellent teacher and friend. Does discarding this book dishonor the teacher? It sure feels like it seeing the book in a box of those designated for the used book store.

I'll see if I can live without it and, if not, head back to the bookstore to buy it.

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