Under the Ping Pong Table

Under the Ping Pong Table

Mom was an Occupational Therapist, a graduate of Washington University Medical School which had a nationally recognized OT program. Mom and Dad got married the day after Moms graduation ceremony in 1932 and she went on a 30 year maternity leave while she raised 3 children and supported her husband as he moved from high school football coach through several levels of the school system to end his long career as Director of Physical Education for the St. Louis Public School system.

Her OT education during that long maternity leave showed primarily in her providing craft projects for her children.

My favorite was sitting under the ping pong table in the basement and make colorful pot holders on the square wooden hand loom with the nails along the top. Weaving those colorful “stocking tops” and producing something useful and pretty was a joy.

But what to do with them? Two dozen of my product were neatly stacked on the floor where my workshop had been created. My brother, Karl, said he’s be glad to take a bunch and go up and down the block ringing door bells and selling them. This was an historic matching of two people’s very different gifts, the sum being greater than the parts.

Last year looking at the rack of abstract acrylic painting I had produced I wondered who was willing to go door to door and sell them. Not what I was made for! Where’s Karl?


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